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Paradigms is an experience-based summit packed with interactive activities, inspiring keynotes and global experts coming together to shift the future of brand.

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The venue 2023

Convento do Beato

From convent to military hospital to industrial site to one of the best event venues in Portugal: Convento do Beato has a rich history highlighting the importance of a clear vision and bold decisions. The story goes that in the 16th century, Friar António da Conceição started the construction with just 7 pennies. More than 400 years later, the blend of tradition and modernity continues to ignite the creativity and curiosity of everyone who wanders through the breathtaking space.

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Brand as we know it is more business crucial than ever. We want to invite the worlds leading experts to experience, help shape, and ultimately drive this growing business landscape together.
We want to create a corporate landscape that welcomes and understands the width and importance of branding. Our goal is to inspire industry leaders, and share new perspectives around brand perspectives they can later use to future-proof their business building a more value-based organization with a purpose that is shared by employees, customers, talent, and prospects alike.
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Paradigms 2022

Wrap-up 2022

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Paradigms 2022

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